Properties Window

  • This window displays information about the file(s) or folder(s) selected in the File Manager Tab.
  • There are number of notes on the default properties window of Windows Explorer. Here are some of those notes:
    • WindowsExplorerPropertiesWindow-File.png
    • WindowsExplorerPropertiesWindow-Folder.png
    • WindowsExplorerPropertiesWindow-MultipleItems.png
  • Here's a proposed design of Properties window:
    • WindowsPropertiesDesign.png
    • WindowsPropertiesDesign-OpenWithDropdown.png
    • WindowsPropertiesDesign-LocationPopup.png
    • WindowsPropertiesDesign-AttributesPopup.png

Extensible Architecture

  • Each file type can have custom tabs that shows additional information about this file type. For example: an mp3 file has an additional tab to show information about the song title, artist, etc.
  • These custom tabs can be offered in an extensible architecture to allow 3rd party developers to offer custom tabs to different file types.

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